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DAM028 Slurry PUMP Expeller

Warman Slurry Pump Part Replacements

DAM028 Slurry PUMP Expeller

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Tags: DAM028 , Pump Expeller , A05

100% totally interchangeable with Weir Warman pump parts, based on the same part code and models.


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Slurry Pump Part Code: DAM028

Slurry Pump Expeller
Part Code: DAM028
Slurry Pump Model: Suit for Warman 6/4D-AH,3/2D-HH
Material : HT200
Weight & Size:
OEM Material : HT300,A033, A07, A49, Polyurethane
Status : In Stock 

We also offer B028,C028,D028,E028,G028,H028,DAM028,EAM028, FH028SH028(10/8ST , 12/10ST , 14/12ST),TH028(16/14TU-AH)

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if you don't have import and export rights,we can offer DDP door to door service.

Main metal wetted parts are Impeller, Volute, Throat Bush, Frame Plate Liner Insert , Expeller, Expeller Ring... and they are made of high chrome alloy, 27%, A05,anti-wear, anti-abrasive , ASTM 532,Class III, Type A and long service-life, allowable PH 5-12.

According to the different requirement from clients, there are optional materials: A033, A49, A05, A07, and PU(Polyurethane)etc.


 Metal Material Specification:

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if you don't have import and export rights in your country,we can offer DDP door to door service.